EAICY supports Ukraine!

The meeting endorsed the provisions of the Petition against THE WAR IN UKRAINE and once again condemned the barbaric Putin's military action in Ukraine, which has nothing in common with EAICY's values, vision and mission.

National Pedagogical Institute of the Czech Republic

This has been a non-traditional year for more than sixteen thousand caregivers in more than four thousand after-school centres and school clubs in the Czech Republic. School and school facilities were largely closed during the school year, and educational activities were carried out mainly through distance learning.

Competence Center for International Youth Work and non-formal Education in Leipzig

Participative youth meetings are going on, Christian Schmidt-Rost is leaving our Competence Center and Leipzig and we are planning a Greek-German Youth Exchange for August this year: this is work of the Competence Centre for International Youth Work and non-formal Education of KINDERVEREINIGUNG Leipzig e.V. in the second quartal of 2021

EAICY Strategy Meeting No. 1, 13th April 2021

On 13th April the 14 members of the EAICY network met for the first of four planning sessions, during which we want to develop a  new working and cooperating strategy. The aim is, to strengthen our network, to attract new member organizations and younger members and to establish high quality youth and staff projects.

National Palace (Tbilisi, Georgia)

National Palace of Tbilisi City Hall is leading cultural, non-formal educational center in Georgia. It was opened in the historical building on May 2, 1941, in Tbilisi at 6 Rustaveli Avenue. In 2021 Palace celebrates 80 years anniversary.

Riga Pupil's Palace is celebrating 80th anniversary

Palace continues to celebrate anniversary and have created a celebration page on Facebook page to reveal the treasures of our Palace to the general public, which are our teachers, employees, and Palace student groups.

Digital international youth work in Leipzig

A digital photo exhibition, a campaign to save international youth work and a new colleague: this is work of the Competence Centre for International Youth Work and non-formal Education of KINDERVEREINIGUNG Leipzig e.V. in the first quartal of 2021.

Hobby Education during the State of Emergency (Czech Republic)

In the Czech Republic, there are more than 300 leisure centres (“Houses of Children and Youth”) and more than 4,000 after-school care centres and school clubs. The vast majority (an exact number would be misleading) somehow managed to transfer part of their activities to the virtual world.

Riga Pupil's Palace

One of the largest educational institutions of interest-based education in Latvia. 2583 students aged 3-25 can operate in more than 60 different groups of interests under the leadership of 92 teachers

Moved and yet without much mobility - KINDERVEREINIGUNG Leipzig e.V.

2020 was an eventful year. For us, as for many, the year was marked by many challenges, changes and steep learning curves. After we had to complete a painful contraction process at the beginning of the year due to funding expiring at the end of 2019 and unsuccessful funding applications, we are now looking optimistically into the future.