Congratulations on the start of the New Academic year

On this start of the New Academic year we wish you new learning experiences, interesting challenges, and a lot of opportunities and joy.

Finland's 'education miracle' and the lessons we can learn

Finland’s success in PISA was a surprise to Finns. In 2006, it was the best performing country, in 2016 – still ranks among the top countries. Finland is an example of a country that has not followed many of the global education reform principles.

The one crucial skill our education system is missing

Our empathy is something that computers will always struggle to emulate. We need to celebrate what makes us different from even the smartest of the machines. While the future belongs to those who are able to navigate this increasingly digitalised world of ours, the choicest spoils will fall to those who can combine technological fluency with emotional intelligence.

The educational value of cultural awareness

With the support of the European Erasmus+ program, welfare organization Swazoom from Amsterdam Zuidoost in co-production with the English youth work organization Share, Think and Act from London has conducted a joint study project about the importance of cultural awareness in youth, for youth work that focuses on youth of African origin.